Pet-Friendly Apartments

Looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Bensalem, PA? Whether you’re working in the Philadelphia city limits or hoping to find a place to call home away from the city, Creekside Apartments in Bensalem offers a great location with several floor plan options catered to your taste and budget. One of the greatest perks about Creekside Apartments, however, is that the rental community also offers pet-friendly living so you and your four-legged family member can live comfortably.

Whether your furry friend is a cat or a dog and as long as he or she falls within one of the breeds and weight acceptance categories, your pet is welcome at Creekside Apartments. With tons of green space on the community’s grounds, your dog can get plenty of exercise as well as fresh air. Another bonus to the rental community is its proximity to the nearby creek. Your dog will absolutely love the natural environment, and you’ll get a kick watching that tail wag in pure joy. So, lace up your hiking shoes and prepare yourself for a convenient day outdoors with your pup.

If you’re more inclined to stay within the Creekside community, feel free to bring your dog to one of the several playgrounds on-site or even the basketball courts so the children in the neighborhood can get some canine facetime in. Also, keep in mind that bringing your pet outdoors gives you the chance to interact with other pet-parents to discuss your favorite doggy parks in the area or trade favorite groomer or veterinarian tips. Not only will this boost your relationship with the Creekside community, but you’ll get some great insider tips from other pet owners.

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Bensalem, PA, consider Creekside Apartments for your next home. With plenty of natural and green space for your dog to run around in and with tons of indoor floor plan space for your cat, the Creekside community understands and values the relationships with our pets. If you’d like to learn more about our community, or to schedule a tour of Creekside Apartments, contact us today!

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