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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans spend more than 100 hours per year commuting to work. That’s a lot. That’s even more time than most American workers take off for vacation each year. Needless to say, there are a million more desirable ways we can all think of to spend our free time. Living close to where you work and/or go to school can have a hugely positive impact on your daily life. If you’re looking for apartments near Holy Family University, it doesn’t get much better than Creekside. Not only is our community beautiful and comfortable, but it’s also about a 10-minute drive from the Holy Family University campus.

Proximity of Creekside to HFU

On average, a one-way commute here in the U.S. is about 22.5 minutes, and more than 600,000 people drive 90-plus minutes one way. Those are essentially hours you’re devoting to work, but without getting paid. That sounds like a nightmare. Research shows that longer commutes translate into lower satisfaction with life. This is attributed to the perpetual feeling of being starved for time and stressed out. At Creekside Apartments, when you call Holy Family University your workplace, your drive time is not going to suck all of the hours out of your morning and evening. Did you forget a stack of papers at home? Chances are, you can stop by your apartment on your lunch break to get it before you need it later that afternoon. Did you hit the snooze button a few too many times? That’s okay because, after a quick shower, you can still have time to grab a piece of fruit and get to work on time.

Convenience is Key

The benefits of living close to where you work seem clear now, but we can’t exclude the people who work and are working toward a college degree. Holy Family University offers undergraduate, graduate, and rapid degree programs, and many graduate and most rapid degree students already have to spend time at work. Living at Creekside promises you the opportunity to advance your education and immerse yourself in academia without having to waste time getting there. There is always a time for home-study, but a short commute means spending more time at home, more time resting, more time with family, and more time for yourself. A short commute means that on a Friday afternoon, you can rush back to campus before the professors leave if needed. It means dropping off a paper on your way to dinner with friends. Our lives are busy, so wherever you can find little conveniences, all the better, right? Living at Creekside Apartments near Holy Family University is a super-easy way to live really close to work and/or school without having to sacrifice a comfortable, quality living space.

Not only does Creekside offer proximity to Holy Family University, but it offers proximity to everything that comes with a college campus. Living near academia has benefits of its own. Art exhibits, guest speakers, and other culture-centric events are scheduled at universities all year long. Living within minutes of any college campus means you have access to some great opportunities.

Creekside Apartments near Holy Family University offer fantastic amenities, desirable floor plans, and incredible proximity to where you work and/or study. Call us today to schedule a tour!

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