Avoiding the Philadelphia City Wage Tax

Finding apartments outside the Philadelphia wage tax can save you serious money. As the cost of living is a constant participant in our daily lives, keeping track of monthly expenses can often be daunting. From insurance and student loan payments to credit card and utility bills, it’s common to wonder how to save money each month. Wage tax is a payment that is often overlooked since it is taken directly out of each paycheck. Particularly, this chunk of money can be reduced significantly if you choose to live outside of the Philadelphia city limits. If you still need to get in and out of the city for work, luckily there are housing options with easy commuting routes so you don’t have to sacrifice your daily routine or schedule.


Benefits of Avoiding the Philadelphia City Wage Tax

If you’re thinking of looking for apartments outside of Philadelphia’s wage tax, consider checking out Creekside Apartments in Bensalem, PA. With only a 40-minute commute by car to get into the city from the apartment community, you can easily save tons of money each month by avoiding the Philadelphia city wage tax. Of course, the amount you save depends on your salary, but either way, your wallet will thank you. Plus, with off-street parking available, you can say “so long” to those surprise street parking tickets and alleviate the stress of always having to move your car every other day for street cleaning.


Living at Creekside Apartments

In addition to a convenient commute, other benefits to living at our Bensalem apartment complex are a quieter environment, more space, and the ability to access more parks and natural areas. Creekside also offers tons of great amenities that you can take advantage of as a resident, such as a central laundry center, playgrounds and basketball courts, and plenty of space where you can gather with friends and family for an outdoor BBQ or let your four-legged friend grab some fresh air. Most of these amenities are hard to come by in the city of Philadelphia, so consider how much you’re gaining by living in Bensalem! With the money, you’d be saving by avoiding the city wage tax, think of everything you could do with that found income!

If you’re looking for apartments outside Philadelphia’s wage tax, contact Creekside today! We can’t wait to welcome you home!

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