Where should you rent an apartment? City vs. Suburbs of Philadelphia

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There are numerous upsides and downsides to apartment rent in the city, versus living in the Suburbs.

One sounds enthusiastic and energizing and the other calm and tranquil, so how are you expected to pick between the two, when it comes to the area of Philadelphia, PA?

The primary distinction between urban and suburban is dictated by the following components:

• City borders
• Distance from city hall
• Distance from the central business area
• Housing concentration in the area where the apartment is located

Suburbs comprise, for the most part, of single-family homes, more remote from the central area of the city. Urban regions are essentially multi-flat structures and condominiums, located closer to the downtown area.

The truth of the matter is, wherever you rent an apartment, whether it be in suburbs of Philadelphia, PA or elsewhere, as long as you are surrounded by your friends and family – it doesn’t truly matter. Or does it? Honestly, there are various factors to consider when making this decision, including; the average cost for basic items, closeness of the apartment to your work, desired lifestyle during the rent period and, last but not least – family. Here are some points that may help you out with this difficult choice, when you need to decide where you should rent an apartment!

Choosing an Apartment Rent in the City

There’s a great amount of things to do when living in the city, in terms of art, society and cultural occasions. There are extraordinary parks in Philadelphia, PA, with play areas to keep your children entertained. You don’t need to stress over home repairs so much, you might simply call the landowner or maintenance personnel. Urban communities are likewise extraordinary as your children walk more, and get significantly more exercise than they would if they lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia and were driven everywhere. You don’t need to stress over driving all around and you could save cash on gas.

You may stop at whatever point you want to look at the window displays and perhaps even get a bite at a street fair, or one of the farmer’s markets in town. Urban communities, likewise, have more cultural diversity, historical centres, joyous events, restaurants and bars to enjoy. It’s possible to watch and experience being around individuals from all around the world, hear and learn diverse dialects and whatnot. The best part is that if you ever need to leave the city, you can simply take a train or lease a car for the weekend.

You may get more space for your money in Philadelphia suburbs, however, you do need to contemplate the costly, tedious drives to and from the city. Along these lines – living and working in an urban encompassing can spare cash on gas, and even dispose of the need to own a car at all (which saves you expenses on car payments, insurance, repairs and gas).

Living in Philadelphia Suburbs

If you rent an apartment in the suburbs of Philadelphia, you will get more for your cash, particularly as far as living space goes. Your children will have their own special space for toys and play dates, and you might even have your own lawn with a patio nursery and space for entertainment. You’ll have more space to spread out in the suburbs – suburban homes are 300 square feet greater than urban homes! With the majority of the additional space, you can have extra features, such as a family room, lawn, and even a garage!

The average cost for basic groceries is normally lower in the suburbs, and you will have numerous weekends to work on your home and make trips to the nearest home improvement store. In suburbs, you can stay away from the filthy exhaust of city buses and garbage trucks and take a run in the forested areas instead. Rural towns, likewise, boast great government funded schools!

In the suburbs of Philadelphia, you’ll have to drive everywhere, which is more convenient when buying groceries, as it’s possible to transport them to your vehicle (as opposed to strolling with them down the streets of Philadelphia and possibly even having to stop a taxi during a rush hour, when everyone else is attempting to do the same). The quieter life of the suburbs of Philadelphia, such as Bensalem, is indeed intriguing (with lower crime rates and cheaper childcare options). The development of additional shopping centres with popular stores – make the rural average cost for basic items lower and more convenient in the city.


Deciding which way of life suits you better, relies on how you characterize your personal happiness, which is something rather individual. It can be affected by the area of your working environment and the way you deal with life. Yet, bear in mind, nothing is eternal – the fact that you pick one living choice over another, doesn’t mean you are bound to that choice for the rest of your life. Philadelphia, PA has many great options to offer, both to those who want to rent an apartment in the centre of the city and those who prefer the suburbs. You can simply migrate, or choose to work in the city, move back to the suburbs, or the other way around. What really matters is that you feel happy about your choice!

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